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Bulletproof Heart || thehawkbarton & Romanova-Natasha-Blackwidow 

Natasha had never been one to trust easily, and yet somehow Clint Barton had managed to get her to trust him. She trusted him more than anyone else on the face of the planet, she trusted him with her life, her vulnerabilities, her secrets, and even what went on with her life. He’d changed her, in a way, and she wasn’t entirely sure how to react. Somehow the archer got her to be… cuddly, almost, okay with physical contact from a select few. Natasha was nowhere near as self-loathing as she had been when he pulled her out of Russia all those years ago—and she’d been a mere child at the time. He’d pulled her out of a very dark time, and she didn’t know if she’d ever feel like she could repay that debt.

Still, she tried, she put herself in harm’s way frequently to make sure Clint was okay. Natasha went on a lot of missions, saved a lot of lives, all to make up for what she’d spent her life doing pre-S.H.I.E.L.D. In fact she was just returning from a month long solo mission in Tikal, and while she was covered in scratches and bruises, she didn’t seem to care much. Then again, she was rather oblivious to the world—paying more attention to her phone as she pulled up a contact with a shaky hand. On the off chance that Clint was still awake, she wanted to make sure he knew she was alive and mostly well.